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When It Comes to Shark Research, Disassembly May Be Required [VIDEO]

Obtaining hard data from shark research is a little gruesome. 

Every year, the Boston Big Game Fishing Club hosts their annual Monster Shark Tournament that attracts participants from all over the world.

Once upon a time, this tournament was held to see who could catch the biggest shark with high kill rates amongst all sharks caught. Today however, it’s all geared towards shark research and helping sustain the different shark species of the Atlantic Ocean.

In this video, you are about t0 see some hard data being collected from one of the sharks kept during the tournament that spanned July 16th to the 18th in Newport, Rhode Island.

Despite this video being artistically bloody, the Monster Shark Tournament actually has over a 97% successful catch and release rate. The sharks that are kept are specifically for scientific research. However, fillets go back to the fisherman.

This tournament also works very closely with the Massachusetts Environmental Police to ensure every act of the tournament is held to a high standard and in full compliance with the law. The Boston Big Game Fishing Club also operates in compliance with the Division of Marine Fisheries, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), and Apex Predators Investigation in data collection, tagging, and all other scientific shark research.

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When It Comes to Shark Research, Disassembly May Be Required [VIDEO]