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Comcast Demands NRA Remove Images of Guns from Ads for Outdoors Show

Great American Outdoor Show

The NRA is rejecting a demand from Comcast that they remove images of firearms from the organization’s ads for the Great American Outdoor Show.

In what can fairly be described as ridiculous censorship, the world’s largest broadcasting and cable company, Comcast, has demanded that the NRA remove images of firearms and even shooting ranges from television ads for the upcoming Great American Outdoor Show.

Paul Bedard writing for the Washington Examiner called the Comcast action, ” a one-two punch on the First and Second Amendments”.

Bedard reported that Comcast sent an email to the pro-Second Amendment organization stating, “Both ads submitted yesterday entitled, (Family & Exhibit) will need to remove any and all images of rifles, shooting ranges, and handguns, when this is complete our MCC [control center] department and legal department will evaluate for approval.”

The GAOS, billed as “The World’s Largest Outdoor Outdoor Show”, is a nine day extravaganza “celebrating hunting, fishing and outdoor traditions that are treasured by millions of Americans and their families”. The family-friendly show will run from February 6-14 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and will be include country music concerts, seminars, celebrity speakers, archery range competitions, fishing ponds for kids and adults, over 1,000 exhibitors and more.

The NRA’s two 30-second commercials separately focus on the variety of exhibitors that will be at the event and the wide range of activities that the public (individuals and families) will be able to participate in. In each commercial a fast-moving medley of images are shown, with only a few split-second shots of firearms in each montage.

The ‘Exhibitors’ ad:

Comcast also wrote in the email, “The good news is there are just some small tweaks that need to happen in order to run the schedules in all the markets we have set up for the Great American Outdoor Show.”

NRA spokesperson Kyle Jillson reacted to the Comcast demand by stating, “We designed an ad campaign to depict the events, activities, and sights people could expect to see at the Great American Outdoor Show. To remove a crucial aspect of the show from our ads would be a major disservice to people who may be interested in attending. We do not have plans to alter the ads at this time.”

Judging from the tenor of comments on the NRA’s facebook page where the story was also reported, most readers agree with the NRA’s decision to reject Comcast’s demand, condemning the media conglomerate for censorship and hypocrisy.

“Comcast will air tv shows depicting gun violence for entertainment purposes but god forbid promote an event for outdoorsman and legal firearms owners,” stated one commentator, in a remark typical of the over 1,100 who shared their disapproval of Comcast’s demand.

The ‘Family’ ad:

Harrisburg Mayor and gun control advocate Eric Papenfuse (Democrat), has also made life difficult for the NRA and supporters of the Constitution by earlier demanding an additional $250,000 from the NRA, on top of $50,000 fees the Second Amendment group was already paying for Harrisburg Police Department security at the show. Upon the NRA’s refusal to acquiesce to Papenfuse’s “all or nothing” demand, the mayor pulled all police security from the event.

While the actions of both Comcast and Mayor Papenfuse are unfortunate, they may well also serve to bolster the number and passion of those Americans who find attacks on basic rights increasingly objectionable. That would be the silver lining in ridiculous incidents such as this: more Americans deciding to take a firm stand against those who would attempt to subvert or condemn Constitutional rights.

“Any way you cut it, the shooting sports are a significant part of the show. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to advertise for one of the Great American Outdoor Show’s main areas?” said Jillson.

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Comcast Demands NRA Remove Images of Guns from Ads for Outdoors Show