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Combat Fishing Angler Hits the Jackpot [VIDEO]

It’s dog eat dog in the world of combat fishing. See a lucky angler win big at a pay-to-fish stream in Europe. 

How does one guy hit the lottery when so many are vying for it? Everybody has the same chance once you drop your bait in the water so why does one lure look better to a fish than another?

It’s the oldest story in the book and we’re still trying to figure it out.

According to the YouTube user, this is a pay-to-fish area on the border between France and Germany. For many anglers, the difference between having a place to fish or nothing at all depends on access to such a site.

Generally speaking, these areas offer easy-to-raise fish such as grass carp. The issue of success or not is measured by the fierce competition among anglers with so many present.

Combat fishing is well-known to many anglers who can only fish in public fishing areas; some areas being pay-to-fish, and some being simply public access.

Have you ever had to pay to fish somewhere?



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Combat Fishing Angler Hits the Jackpot [VIDEO]