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Columbia is Turning Its Labels into Survival Tools

If you are in a pinch, one of these innovative survival tools could come in handy. 

Columbia, a long time leader in the outdoors apparel, has decided to do something different with their clothing labels. To show off the rugged outdoorsy attitude that Columbia is looking to rebrand itself with, they will be turning their labels into survival tools that can do a variety of things, as well as fit in your wallet.

As you are about to see, this just might give you one more reason to pick out some Columbia gear the next time you are looking to re-up what's inside your hunting and fishing locker.

I did have to laugh at the part of putting Swiss army knives out of fashion. That's pretty clever. However, having a fishing tool, sundial, sextant tool, water purifier, sewing kit, and hand saw fashioned out of a clothing tag is absolutely ingenious.

Will this new tag make a difference in your choice to buy some Columbia clothing next time you are in need? Perhaps. One thing I know for sure, it doesn't hurt. I also really like the attitude that Columbia is taking with this new angle.

What do you think? Is this functional, or just a gimmick?


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Columbia is Turning Its Labels into Survival Tools