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Colt Unveils New MARC 901 Rifle Family


Colt Manufacturing has found a way to make a great rifle even better.

Colt has always been considered the Cadillac of firearms over the years, and is most well known for the venerable Colt 1911 that saw service in the United States military for generations.

Once again, they have delivered above all expectations with another great rifle system. The MARC 901 rifle system has a rifle for any need, be it hunting, target shooting, competition or Law Enforcement use.

The MARC 901 family (made up of the AR901-16S, the LE901-16SE, and the LE901-16S models) has all the versatility of the two most popular Modern Sporting Rifle platforms, the AR-10 and the AR-15 patterns, to make it the next evolution of the rifle system.

Design and Specs

The Modular AR Carbine (MARC) 901 rifle is a direct gas, locking bolt action rifle and comes in the AR-10 configuration which is the .308 Winchester. The MARC 901 line of rifles allows you to swap with any Colt 5.56/.223 upper and a conversion kit to convert the rifle to a new caliber.

It comes with a one piece upper and flip up back up sights, ambidextrous controls, bayonet lug, flash hider and a full floated 16.1 inch barrel with a 1/12 right handed twist.

Fully extended (the stock pulled all the way out), it measures in at 37.5 inches and collapses down to 34.24 inches. The rifle weighs 8.4 pounds straight from the factory.

To convert the rifle from the .308 Winchester configuration to a standard AR-15 configuration, you need to get an additional conversion kit that allows the Colt 5.56 upper to match up with the take down pins on the lower receiver. This is due to the difference in size and distance from the AR-10 pattern rifle to the AR-15 Pattern upper. This also allows the AR-15 Mag to seat snugly into the magazine well of the lower receiver.

It also comes with four full length rails for mounting optics, bipods and any other accessories you may need or want, as well as two 20-round Magpul Pmags.


Since the LE901 is a combination of the AR-10 and AR-15 pattern rifles, it has all the advantages of both. With one rifle, a person can have it set up for home defense, 3-gun, or even as a law enforcement tactical patrol rifle with a 5.56 upper receiver on it.

On the weekends, just by swapping to thew .308 Winchester upper, the same rifle can be used for long range hunting for big game or for long range precision rifle shooting against paper targets. With such a wide range of uses, the LE901 is such a great rifle to have with needed.

Even in an end of the world scenario, having two uppers gives you the versatility to shoot multiple kinds of ammo if you need to. For example, if you run out of .308 for hunting, you could swap to the 5.56 upper and continue providing food for your family. If all you can find is one or the other caliber, you have a rifle for both.

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As you can see, the versatility and reliability of the LE 901 are two great reasons to look at owning one.

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Colt Unveils New MARC 901 Rifle Family