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Colossal Stingray Borrows $1000 Stella Reel [VIDEO]

Now this is a fishing story these guys will be telling for a while. And they'll have the reel to prove it.

LakeForkGuy posted this video to Youtube; it shows a massive stingray, weighing over 100 pounds, taking not only the bait on the end of a Terez Rod, but the rod and reel as well.

Oh, and the Shimano Stella SW10000 reel is worth around $1,000.

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It's very unfortunate that the angler in the video slipped on the dock and lost his entire setup, including a GoPro Hero 3. But this is a good fishing story because these men were able to snorkel around the area and actually find the rod and reel, in almost perfect condition.

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Colossal Stingray Borrows $1000 Stella Reel [VIDEO]