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Colossal Louisiana Sinkhole Devours Trees [VIDEO]

It really sucks to be a tree when a sinkhole decides it’s had enough.

This sinkhole in Bayou Corne, Lousiana, started as nothing more than a series of bubbles. Nobody paid much attention to it, being a cypress swamp in bayou country.

That was until August 3, 2012. Then nobody could ignore it.

Check out this insane video to see what happened.

Now that’s what industrial-strength flushing is all about!

On that fateful August morning, the Bayou Corne sinkhole split the ground 325 feet wide and hundreds of feet deep. It’s no wonder fully mature trees and water from all the surrounding swamps disappeared into its depths.

More than a year after the sinkhole revealed itself, it had grown to 25 acres and continued to pump methane gas bubbles out of its roiling waters, forcing many residents of the nearby town to abandon their homes. So how exactly did this sinkhole just appear one day?

Underneath much of Louisiana is a giant salt dome, remaining from an ancient ocean. Many companies used this salt dome to store butane, propane, and natural gas, or harvest salt water brine for use in chemical operations.

One of these caverns eventually collapsed over time, sucking water and rock further underground and spewing gas waste products up to the surface. Scientists believe the sinkhole will stop growing at around 50 acres in size, but it’s difficult to say when that might happen.

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Colossal Louisiana Sinkhole Devours Trees [VIDEO]