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Colorado Town Delays Drone Hunting Vote

A Colorado town decided on Tuesday to postpone voting on a law that would legalize drone hunting over the town’s airspace.

Deer Trail, Colorado, a community of 598, is considering an ordinance that would allow residents to get licenses to shoot down drones and collect bounties for their parts.

Deer Trail’s Mayor Frank Fields decided to delay the vote so that a district court could determine the the ordinance’s legitimacy.

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Last year, Deer Trail resident Phillip Steel, an outspoken critic of federal drones in domestic airspace, proposed the ordinance to the community.

Since then, Steel has gained national attention by appearing on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, where he talked about how drones could be used to infringe on the privacy of US citizens.

In August, the Deer Trail Board of Trustees reached a split vote 3-3 when deciding whether or not to pass the drone hunting ordinance. The ordinance appeared on an October ballot and was set to be voted on December 10.

Even if the ordinance passes, it will not be recognized by state or federal officials. Local law enforcement officials have said publicly that residents who shoot down drones could face criminal charges. The FAA has also said that shooting down drones could lead to criminal prosecution.

Fields believes a decision on the measure will likely be delayed until next year.

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Colorado Town Delays Drone Hunting Vote