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Colorado Skier GoPros His Harrowing Avalanche Ordeal

Avalanches can and will kill everything in their paths of destruction.

This skier was in such an avalanche and survived to show the actual footage.

Watch this actual GoPro video of a skier's terrifying ride in an avalanche.

Avalanches are known to sweep both man and beast down mountain sides at will. If the massive impacts a body gets from hitting trees and debris does not kill them being buried alive certainly will.

This very lucky skier in Boulder, Colorado lived to tell the tale of his brush with a snowy death. He was wearing a GoPro camera and caught it all on camera too.

When in the high snowy regions, always be on the look out for danger. One unexpected avalanche could be the end of your days.


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Colorado Skier GoPros His Harrowing Avalanche Ordeal