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Colorado Poacher Captured in Foot Race by Bounty Hunters

Watch as these heavily armed bounty hunters rundown a known repeat poacher.

You would think you were watching a light infantry fire team going into combat in this footrace, but it is bounty hunters in Colorado pursuing a known felon and repeat poacher.

It’s understandable why the bounty hunters are so well armed as they know this guy may also be well be armed and try to resist capture.

The bad guy should have kept his cardio up, but lucky for law abiding hunters in Colorado, his days of taking animals illegally are likely sidelined for a long time to come.

These scenes do well to remember that hunting is, in fact, a conservationist method at heart, and not a free-for-all. All sportsmen and women take pride in their ability to be successful not only abiding by the rules, but also enjoy the extra challenge those same rules offer. For instance, those hunters who are anxious to get out early in the season are encouraged to try their hand at archery, as opposed to muzzleloading.

Either way, poaching is an illegal activity that deserves the punishment it receives.

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Colorado Poacher Captured in Foot Race by Bounty Hunters