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Colorado Pet Owners Urged to Watch for Rabid Skunks

Daily Mail

What could possibly make a skunk encounter worse? How about an encounter with a rabid skunk?

Denver area pet owners are being warned to watch out for skunks as rabies cases increase. Six rabid skunks have been found in three area counties this year. Three of these cases have been discovered just this past week.

Officials are advising residents to make sure their pet’s vaccinations are up to date as well as to watch for any signs of illness. The concern is not only for house pets, but for livestock too as they also have the potential for exposure.

The Tri-County Health Department Executive Director reports rabies being present in the eastern part of the counties with the potential for the disease to spread to other mammals.

As though the fear of being sprayed by a skunk wasn’t enough, adding rabies to this animal’s short list of attributes definitely doesn’t help.


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Colorado Pet Owners Urged to Watch for Rabid Skunks