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Colorado Man Missing During Hunt for Forrest Fenn Treasure


In an unlikely turn of events, a man named Randall ‘Randy’ Bilyeu was reported missing after not returning from his hunt for the Forrest Fenn treasure. 

On Jan. 4, Randy and his dog Leo embarked on a treasure hunting journey in Santa Fe, New Mexico from his home in Broomfield, Colorado. Unfortunately, he has not been heard from since he left to search for the Forrest Fenn treasure.

After he was reported missing, officials located his car outside a “popular trailhead near the Rio Grande River and the Diablo Canyon.” Using a rescue helicopter, search teams found his rift nine miles downstream from his car. The raft was found upside down, with paddles placed next to it neatly, which indicates that his river traveling did not cause the potential problem.

Soon, rescue crews located his dog, Leo, alive. However, it appeared that Leo had not eaten in days. They have further been searching the area since this weekend in an effort to locate Bilyeu.

Forrest Fenn has even posted on his blog a message of support for Bilyeu, stating that Bilyeu himself is “a happy guy with a big smile and a ready wit.” This message of support also speaks for the treasure hunting community, which hopes he will return home to Colorado safe and sound.

Bilyeu himself posted in a thread last year that he “hopes that someone soon finds Forrest’s chest of gold…but everyone knows that the real treasure is the journey of life itself and enjoying nature.”

This sentiment was the basis for Forrest Fenn burying his notorious treasure in the first place, and we all hope that Randy is found safely soon so that he and Leo can be reunited.

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Colorado Man Missing During Hunt for Forrest Fenn Treasure