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Colorado Man Attacked by 3 Coyotes [VIDEO]

A Colorado man is lucky to be alive after 3 coyotes attack him on his way to work. 

The man walking to work was surprised to see coyotes rush out of the dark and attack him.


After a set of rabies shots, 22-year-old Andrew Dickhage vowed never to walk to work again. His car had broken down and that fateful night the coyotes decided to attack. They targeted his face, but Andrew was able to stay on his feet and fend off the attack, armed only with a flashlight. He luckily only received bites and scratches.

Coyotes are becoming very bold and fearless of humans in many areas, and animal control options have become a hot point of debate in many communities.

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Colorado Man Attacked by 3 Coyotes [VIDEO]