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Colorado Loses Elk Herd to Thin Ice

Thin Ice Elk
Denver Post

Thin ice is to blame for the loss of an entire herd of Elk in Colorado.

According to a news report from Colorado, an entire herd of around 20 elk drowned last week.

The incident occurred at Echo Canyon Reservoir, a 118-acre reservoir near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. According to a spokesperson for Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Matt Robbins, it likely happened on Sunday, December 28th.

Apparently the reservoir had frozen over and the elk had ventured out onto the layer of thin ice.

“They had gone out on the ice, about 50 feet from shore. It was not stable, and they fell in,” Robbins reported.

The elk, which are very large animals weighing as much as 1,000 pounds each, were just too much for the thin ice on the reservoir, and eventually it splintered, cracked, and then gave way, completely causing all of the elk to fall into the frigid water.

Wildlife officials have reported that the elk carcasses have since been removed from the lake and shoreline.

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Colorado Loses Elk Herd to Thin Ice