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Colorado Looks to Push Blaze Pink Legislation into Law

With female hunter participation on the rise, Colorado looks to add blaze pink to its acceptable hunting color list. 

As the number of female hunters grows at an incredibly rapid rate, many states are looking to engage the female population in outdoor sports even more. In Colorado, that begins with a new bill to allow blaze pink into the acceptable hunting color list.

Senator Kerry Donovan proposed this legislation in an effort to further drive the growth of women in the sport, stating that she "went with pink because women and hunting is the only growth that we're seeing in the industry, and if pink gets a few more women hunting, it gives a couple small businesses in Colorado a leg up on having another product to offer."

In Colorado, a hunter is required to wear classic fluorescent orange while hunting one of the following species: elk, deer, pronghorn, moose, or black bear. This bill, admittedly, follows Wisconsin's push to add blaze pink to the acceptable list of hunting colors.

While many females in the sport find this move patronizing, and honestly, it's not far off, it also does rejuvenate small businesses and the hunting apparel industry alike. By adding more options, they can please a wide number of female hunters with different preferences. However, it's important to remember that not all women want blaze pink.

Thinking of the addition of blaze pink as purely a gender based decision, however, is the wrong direction, too. Focusing on the idea of the economic boost to stores, both small businesses and larger suppliers alike, is also equally important when considering the concept of adding blaze pink.

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Colorado Looks to Push Blaze Pink Legislation into Law