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Colorado Kid Catches Monster Walleye with Spiderman Fishing Pole

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If a monster walleye has to be caught, it should be caught like this. 

Every now and then a story comes along that just makes you happy. That is exactly the case with what you are about to see. A viral video has been making the rounds showing a kid in a Spiderman life jacket using a Spiderman pole bring in a absolute monster walleye with his dad screaming in the background.

"He kept bugging me to tie on this swimbait so he could fish with it," said Tristan's father Colin, in an interview. "I think he really wanted to use this bait because it resembled a real fish. Finally, I gave in and tied the bait on with a giant hook and let him at it."

You can watch the whole thing right here.

Acknowledging his son just caught a bigger walleye than he will ever catch is a big statement for any father, but the 27 inch fish is a true giant just about anywhere.

"I helped him hold the rod and told him to just keep reeling," said Tristan's father. "As the fish got closer, I could tell it was one heck of a walleye. As soon as I had the chance, I netted it and the fish was in the boat."

Luckily for the walleye, after a few quick pictures, it was released to hopefully be caught again.

The state of Colorado announced they will be granting Tristan a Master Angler Recognition award for his amazing fish.


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Colorado Kid Catches Monster Walleye with Spiderman Fishing Pole