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Colorado Hunter Reunited with Beloved Dogs After His Trailer Was Stolen

A man is reunited with his four hunting dogs after his trailer was stolen outside his hotel during a hunting trip

Larry Mills and his wife were traveling through Albuquerque on their way home from a hunting trip when they discovered the trailer that housed their dogs and hunting equipment had been stolen. Within 24 hours, a couple discovered the trailer and reported it to authorities.

This video shows the reunion between Larry and his best friends he thought he would never see again.

The couple had been on their way home to Colorado from Arizona after a hunting trip when they stopped overnight at a Comfort Inn near I-25. Within hours of the local news station reporting about the missing dogs, they had been found.

When authorities contacted the Mills concerning the news that their dogs had been found Mills said, "I was shaking and my wife was starting to cry."

The dogs had not eaten anything overnight, but Mills said they seemed just fine. To the relief of the Mills, the thieves left hundreds of dollars of hunting equipment, including guns, inside the stolen trailer.

This story epitomizes the strong relationship between man and his best friend, and Mills said, "despite all this, he will be back to Albuquerque."

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Colorado Hunter Reunited with Beloved Dogs After His Trailer Was Stolen