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Colorado Deer and Elk Migration is on … Drivers Beware

The Colorado deer and elk migration is under way and drivers need to be on high alert this year.

Deer and elk are in their summer habits of crossing heavily populated roads and highways, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is urging all drivers to use caution.

If you live in an area that is heavily populated with roaming wildlife big enough to total a car then you are probably no stranger to the danger that is at stake.

Year after year, their are numerous accidents on the Colorado roadways:

The Durango Herald says that, according to CDOT,

There were 3,437 wildlife-vehicle collisions reported in Colorado in 2013, down from 4,016 in 2012 and below the 10-year average of 3,605. Of the 3,437 collisions, 3,183 involved vehicle damage, 250 involved injuries and four involved fatalities. La Plata County saw 252 collisions in 2013, when the latest numbers were available. Jefferson County came in second with 248, followed by El Paso with 201, Douglas at 199, Garfield with 128, Moffat seeing 116 and Larimer and Montezuma counties with 106 crashes.

During the months of November and May, the CDOT officials say that wildlife accidents usually increase.

Knowing the dangers associated with the Colorado deer and elk migration, it’s always a safe bet to be extra careful when you’re driving. We’ve all seen how dangerous these accidents can be.

Stay safe out there!

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Colorado Deer and Elk Migration is on … Drivers Beware