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Colorado Bowhunter Legally Hunts Moose, Find Out Why He's in Hot Water [VIDEO]

A Colorado bowhunter is facing backlash for killing a bull moose over the weekend in a park within feet of wildlife watchers.

The hunter made the kill near a popular hiking trail close to Brainerd Lake in the Roosevelt National Forest. After the hunter shot the moose, it ran into a field and dropped dead near a group of wildlife watchers.

Some witnesses and local campground hosts say the kill was unethical, even though it was completely legal.

This video from ABC 7 has more about the story.

The backlash against the hunter is about where he shot and killed the moose. It was a legal hunt, but some locals say the moose in the park are well-adjusted to humans and too tame to hunt.

The hunter had every right to hunt where he did. Forest service lands are open to hunters and this hunter had a legal moose tag. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department seems to be siding with the hunter.

"I don't think it was the gentleman's intention to have the animal go in the direction of where the wildlife watchers were," said Jennifer Churchill, spokeswoman for the northeast region of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. "Forest service land is huntable. And this was a clean and legal kill."

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Colorado Bowhunter Legally Hunts Moose, Find Out Why He's in Hot Water [VIDEO]