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Coloradans, Take Note: Ice Fishing for Trophy Trout

You're gonna need a bigger hole in the ice if you try to fish this Colorado ice fishing spot.

This is a great video showing some lake ice fishing action in Colorado for some of the nicest trout caught on video.

These guys pull out some beautiful big rainbow and cutbow trout out of this lake while filming it all with a GoPro in HD, with a pretty good soundtrack to boot.

That is another reason to get out on the ice and do some fishing. You're going to be able pull some beautiful, clean trout from the clear waters if you choose the right location. As you can see from this video you don't need a lot of speciality gear but can still have excellent results when heading out.

Make sure the ice conditions are safe and head out with your buddies on an ice fishing adventure.

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Coloradans, Take Note: Ice Fishing for Trophy Trout