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Color-Changing Lures Adapt To Increase Catch Rate [VIDEO]

Over this rainbow? Tasty, tasty fish.

So, if you're anything like us, you spend a lot of money on lures. Everybody's got a lucky one, if you're good you have a lucky few. They may only cost a few bucks, but losing a good one is like losing an old friend who tricks fish into dying so you can eat them.

And for every scenario, there's a proper lure based on your intended catch, season, fishing style, and water and lighting conditions. And it's your job to pick the right one.

Now that's a lot of thinking. And thinking is fine, but if I wanted to be thinking all the time while we're fishing, We'd go fish in a library. Or maybe in a classroom. And let us tell you, not only do you not catch any fish, but then you're banned from almost all of my local libraries and classrooms. It's a lose/lose.

The point is, there's been a lot of research into which lures are most effective for which conditions, and luckily the good people at SmartBaits have listened to that research, and condensed it into series of handy dandy color changing lures. Behold:

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Fishing near the surface? Their Smart-Lures will give off a rosy glow, sure to attract those nice, surface level, warm-water loving fish. Wanna go a little deeper? The belly of the lures change color before your prey's very eyes into something that mimics a wounded, bleeding, baitfish. Mmmm. Appetizing.

At around $14 a pop, you may wanna be careful casting into the weeds, but if you believe the pro-fisherman buzz, it may still be a worthwhile buy.

Plus their website "guarantees" us that the lures will increase our catch-rate, regardless of if we're 'Bumpin the stump' or 'Deep-cranking." We're not sure what either of those things are, but both of them sound pretty illegal.

So, breakthrough in smart-bait technology? Or crappie gimmick? (that pun hurt us more than it did you) Let us know in the comments below.

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Color-Changing Lures Adapt To Increase Catch Rate [VIDEO]