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What Every College Student Wants: A Dorm Room in the Woods

All images via Plaid Zebra

This wise young man saved $8,000 a year on student housing.

How did this college kid save on student housing? He built his own dorm in the woods.

What can be better to quietly study for those tough college exams than having your own space in the woods? Not much else in our book.


As reported, Dylan Miller, a senior at Juniata College in Pennsylvania, did a final undergraduate project, called "Content with Nothing". He built a hand-made hut with only a handsaw. The hut is made almost entirely of trees, with brush as the ground floor and a tarp as the roof. He has a small kitchen space and cooks on a portable grill and over the fire. He showers in communal showers on campus and does his school work at the library.

He has spent the last seven months in his homemade dorm room in the woods and has saved about $4,000 on other necessities, on top of the $8,000 he saved on student housing.


Dylan thinks that "if everyone started from where they were at and cut down on attachments to material goals and possessions, it would benefit the health of the planet and the happiness of its people."


This young man is wise beyond his years from his experiences in his wilderness hut.


Dylan proves that minimalism works.

All images via Plaid Zebra

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What Every College Student Wants: A Dorm Room in the Woods