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College Girl Lands Huge Tiger Shark from Beach [VIDEO]

This small group of young surf anglers uses an unusual roped belay system to land a huge tiger shark.

Fishing for sharks from the beach has become more common in recent years, but you don't see too many young women yanking on a tiger shark in the middle of the night.

This group uses a harness and a safety rope to both safeguard the angler fighting the fish, and aid in the battle. Watch the video to see how they land and release this huge tiger shark.

I only have one thing to caution: As a former rock climber, I know we would never use a line to attach safety directly from behind.

I was taught by a high mountain rescue guy, and at a ropes course. If a big load is applied in this way there is the possibility of a pelvic fracture.

Harnesses come with specific instructions on how and where to attach carabiners for gear, and where to attach for loads like belaying or rappelling. All too often I see people attaching incorrectly; misusing gear loops for protection.

Serious injury is probably not likely in this type of scenario, but it's worth mentioning.

Nice job on the catch and release, guys.

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College Girl Lands Huge Tiger Shark from Beach [VIDEO]