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Collared Deer in Missouri Are in Season for Hunters This Year

collared deer

If you’re hunting Missouri this season, you may see some collared deer.

In an attempt to help landowners, the Missouri Department of Conservation (DEC) is using GPS collars on local does to monitor and track data.

According to Missouri’s KFVS12, the Missouri Department of Conservation has put GPS collars on approximately 25 deer in Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Stoddar and Wayne counties.

The regional supervisor spoke with KFVS12 and urged hunters to not change any of their hunting habits this season. Any hunters who legally can and under normal circumstances would shoot the animal have been given the green light to go ahead and do so. What they do not want, however, is for these animals to be targeted.

The study is intended to help landowners looking for a better way to manage crop damage endued by the whitetail deer.

collared deer gps
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The test will study deer residing within smaller tracts of soybean fields and monitor whether these deer remain within the area or move out as hunting season begins. If the results show that the majority of the deer stay on site, landowners could receive special out-of-season tags.

The collars are quite recognizable on the deer and are expensive satellite transmitting devices. Hunters should be made aware that these deer are of legal game to harvest. This should not influence their decision to shoot or not to shoot during the season; however, the Department is asking that anyone who harvests a collared deer notify the DEC to ensure the collar is returned and the data is collected.

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Collared Deer in Missouri Are in Season for Hunters This Year