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Cold Weather Fly Fishing in Montana Brings in the Trout

Cold weather fly fishing in Montana brings in great trout action on the famed Bighorn River.

This couple shows how productive cold weather fly fishing in Montana can be as long as you come prepared and ready for action.

They obviously had a blast but I am still scratching my head over the Bigfoot costume. I guess whatever blows your hair back and enhances your outdoor adventure is a personal choice, and she obviously had some fun; not too mention the costume probably added some good thermal layering.

These guys got into some great fish, proving the fact that you should not totally hang up that fly fishing gear this fall and winter. As long as you are careful to check your state fishing regulations and ensure your local rivers are open, you can experience some great trout angling.

A key to cold weather angling is to ensure you have high quality waders and layer up well to keep out the cold. For the very best in American made waders, be sure to check out the selection at SIMMS.


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Cold Weather Fly Fishing in Montana Brings in the Trout