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Cold Weather Can't Stop This Persistent Hunter

Think you've experienced cold weather on your hunts this season? I'll bet it wasn't 37 below zero.

This hunter has hunted five straight days in bone-chilling temperatures looking to harvest a big Saskatchewan buck. But a misplaced thermos almost ruins the hunt when an opportunity presents itself.

Watch the video to see just what happened next.

Cold weather is a fact of life when you are hunting in extreme northern climates or even late season in temperate climates. Knowing how to deal with it and having the mental fortitude to stick it out when your freezing toes and fingers are telling you to pack it in will help you be successful.

Here's a few tips on how to stay warm while hunting in cold weather:

  • Layer up -- If you have long walk to your stand or blind, carry insulating layers in a pack to avoid overheating and sweating on the way in.
  • Use chemical hand and toe warmers -- These little things will keep your extremities toasty in the most frigid conditions.
  • Eliminate seams -- Eliminate seams in your clothing where cold air can get in. Put on your gloves before your coat to keep your wrists warm and wear bibs or coveralls to eliminate the possibility of air coming in around your waste.
  • Use a heater -- Some folks scoff at using a heater in the blind, but when it's 37 below, it might be the difference between a successful hunt and a dangerous case of hypothermia.

Use these tips while hunting this late season and stay warm long enough to kill a trophy buck of your own.

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Cold Weather Can't Stop This Persistent Hunter