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Cold Water Smallmouth Are Hot [VIDEO]

While temperatures throughout the Midwest are chilly, smallmouth bass continue to show reckless abandon in the great north.

In this video, Kris Brantner and I traveled to the upper reaches of the Mississippi River to catch wintering smallmouth bass on artificial lures.

Few fisheries in this region allow for successful open water angling in mid-winter, but the Mississippi River is one of them.

Despite snow on the ground and temperatures near freezing, Kris and I put a hurt on many nice smallmouth.

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The key technique for putting bronzebacks in the boat was using small swimbait and jerkbait fished along current edges of the river’s main channel. Fish would tuck in between large rocks, trees or drop-offs to ambush prey in the heavy current.

Bait was presented to the fish by casting toward the bank, allowing the current to swing the bait out to the channel edge and behind the boat. From there, it was easy to work the bait inches forward at a time, allowing the current to take the bait back toward the fish on the pause.

We used Lucky Craft Slender Pointers (jerkbait) and Reaction Innovations Little Dippers to catch the bulk of our fish.

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Cold Water Smallmouth Are Hot [VIDEO]