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Cobra vs. Snake Eagle: Which Will Be the Champion?

Cobra vs Snake Eagle

Who do you think will win in this fight between a snake eagle and a cobra?

A couple of lucky tourists were fortunate enough to capture this cool and rare spectacle of a battle between a snake eagle and a cobra in South Africa’s Kruger Park. Just as you would suspect from their name, brown snake eagles are specially adapted to prey on snakes, to include highly venomous snakes like the cobra. While they are somewhat resistant to snake bites, they are not invulnerable and these tourists managed to video their stand-off.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Fortunately for that cobra, the snake eagle was never able to gain a real advantage and flew away after tiring of the fight.

That’s how it goes sometimes. Better luck next time!

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Cobra vs. Snake Eagle: Which Will Be the Champion?