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Coastal Texas Kayak Duck Hunting Looks Pretty Sweet [VIDEO]

Get a load of this awesome Texas kayak duck hunting video.

Hunters are astute folks; they’ll always take the time to study the area they’re hunting, and find the best and most efficient ways of using that knowledge to gain some sort of edge.

In the case of Texas duck hunters, using a kayak just seems natural. Not everyone has the luxury of a duck boat, and a man-powered kayak is just the thing for maneuvering through coastal bays and inlets.

Check out this video and you’ll get the full picture.


Texas duck hunting is unique, since the state’s coastal areas are unlike most others found in the U.S. The migratory flocks that head through Texas on their way to Mexico and other warmer spots are indeed at a disadvantage when there’s hunters like these out there.

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Coastal Texas Kayak Duck Hunting Looks Pretty Sweet [VIDEO]