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Coast Guard Warning: Think Twice Before Ice Fishing One Last Time

The US Coast Guard is warning anglers and other outdoorsmen about unstable Great Lakes ice.

The Great Lakes Coast Guard issued an official warning that warming weather was decreasing the ice cover, causing potentially dangerous situations for anyone venturing out on the lakes.

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Even after one of the harshest winters, in which record ice coverage took over the Great Lakes area, the ice out is fast approaching. This is a sensitive time of year, when anglers sometimes try to get their last ice fishing trip in before it’s too late.

“Ice conditions are rapidly changing,” said Karl Willis, with the Coast Guard 9th District Command Center in Cleveland, in the official news release. “Warming temperatures and wind significantly affect ice strength and can lead to extremely hazardous conditions with a high probability for drifting pack ice.”

It happens every year around this time, and it’s unfortunate that warnings like this are sometimes not heard or not taken seriously.

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But with melting ice comes true spring fishing opportunities, so anglers ought to patiently wait it out, and prepare for the fish that will surely bite after the thaw.

What was the latest ice out date you can remember in your area? Will this year approach that? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Coast Guard Warning: Think Twice Before Ice Fishing One Last Time