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C’mon, Get Appy: The 10 Best Outdoor Apps

It’s become a pretty tech-savvy world for hunters and anglers.

While a few of us still lag behind the rest of the mobile pack, there’s no denying the advantages of using outdoor apps: they’re weightless, super handy and can be accessed by the touch of a screen. The only problem? There’s so many to choose from. We did you a favor and narrowed it down to our top 10 outdoor apps:

1. Primos Hunting Calls:

One of the best-selling hunting apps out there, Primos Hunting Calls puts more than 20 animal calls at your disposal for a low price of two bucks. From deer to elk, turkey to waterfowl, this app will help you to attract your target so that you can get the perfect shot.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

Available for Android here.

2. Animated Fishing Knots:

No need to memorize every fisherman’s knot before you head out on the boat. With this helpful app, you will be able to follow step-by-step instruction for a range of challenging knots.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

Available for Android here.

3. Weather apps:

With the number of high-quality—and usually, free—weather applications currently available to users of both iOS and Android devices, there is no excuse to not always have an eye on the forecast. Whether you are hunting, fishing, or just spending an afternoon scouting a nearby wooded area, watching the forecast for temperature drops, monitoring the radar for incoming storms, or simply checking the sunrise or sunset times will help you to plan your outdoor adventure for the day.

4. Bug Spray:

This one is cool. Rather than smothering yourself with pungent bug repellent when you head off into the woods or out on the fishing boat, use this app to emit a high frequency that keeps pesky insects away.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

5. Fish guide apps:

The use for most of the fish guide programs is the same: to help you identify a catch when you haven’t got a clue what it is. Our favorite? Fishidy. The best location-based fishing app available, Fishidy provides detailed fishing maps, waterway information, weather and valuable tools to record your catches and hot spots. Mark, track and view your catches with a personal and secure fishing log that connects directly to your online profile, and upload fishing photos and realtime GPS coordinates straight to your mobile device.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

Available for Android here.

6. iSonular Hunting and Fishing Times:

One of the key elements to hunting or fishing success is knowing when to hit the field (or the lake). This app calculates daily feeding periods, as well as sunrise and sunset, to help hunters and fisherman choose the optimal time to head out.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

7. MotionX GPS:

Most phones come pre-loaded with a map application, but if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, then this intuitive GPS program will more than pay for its own $0.99 price tag. The program can even save maps for later, so it’s still useful even without a cell signal.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

8. First Aid:

Knowing the basics of first aid, from how to address injuries to which plants you want to avoid, is key for the enjoyment of any outdoor activity. This app puts all of that information and more directly at your fingertips.

9. Ballistic:

With an “advanced edition” priced at $19.99 and the regular version still weighing in at $9.99, Ballistic may well be one of the most expensive apps on the market, but it pays for itself by boosting your marksmanship abilities. By helping you to calculate the path of your bullet based on range and weather conditions, Ballistic can be the difference between a missed shot and a bagged buck.


Regular version available in the Apple App Store here.

Advanced version available in the Apple App Store here.

10. Ridiculous Fishing:

Getting frustrated after a long and unsuccessful day on the fishing boat? This popular fishing game we mentioned recently can help you to raise your spirits while you wait for a fish to bite your hook in real life.


Available in the Apple App Store here.

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C’mon, Get Appy: The 10 Best Outdoor Apps