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CMMG Anvil: Crush Targets with 300 Grains of Lead!

CMMG Anvil lets you deliver the 458 SOCOM cartridge with a purpose-built rifle.

The 458 SOCOM is a cartridge that was issued to ground forces in the middle east to combat enemy insurgents that were using opiates. Ground forces had a strong advantage when using the .458 SOCOM because it could deliver some real muzzle energy fast. Consider yourself on the ground using 5.56 cartridges that are standard GI issue.

Delivering 1400 foot pounds of energy going into enemy combatants can be good enough to stop most threats, but sometimes you need that extra power to drive the meeting to a close.

In this situation, the CMMG Anvil is designed for the heavy abuse the bolt and bolt carrier group take. The buffer spring is even upgraded to handle the higher pressures. Built purely for the 458 SOCOM, the Anvil is built like a Chevy 3500.

The cartridge can deliver up to 3500 foot pounds of energy at close distances. When using these types of cartridges you definitely consider that it’s a heavy bullet moving very quickly to the target in close proximity. This is not a bullet you want to shoot 800 yards. You would want to keep targets close and this was very advantageous for special forces that were clearing tunnels in Afghanistan.

Specifics aside the 458 SOCOM is great for adaptability for the end user. Considering that the upper receiver for a 458 easily assembles to a standard M4 lower, you can deliver immense knock down power at a moments notice. Cover ground quickly with the 5.56 and when you approach your target closer whip out the 458 SOCOM.

Remember this is definitely one of those specialty cartridges that are good for either a few fun plinking shots, or for real-time application.  Keep training and stay safe.



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CMMG Anvil: Crush Targets with 300 Grains of Lead!