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Clown Hunting Sign No Laughing Matter for Some in Michigan


Michigan party store's clown sign raises a few eyebrows in the Great Lakes State.

It may be meant as a joke, but not everyone is laughing about the Oak Haven Party Store's clown sign in southern Michigan.

In an attempt to capitalize on hunting season and the creepy clown craze that is sweeping the nation, store owner Michael Poling put up the sign addressed to hunters. "Dear hunters. If you see a clown put it down," the sign reads.

"I'm kind of going with the flow of deer season," Poling told "Just goofing around."

Michigan's archery deer season started on October 1. Poling told the news organization he often puts goofy messages on the sign out of jest and they've proven popular with customers. But some, including Hillsdale Police Detective Brad Martin, aren't laughing at this one.

"I don't personally agree with that," Detective Martin told "Those are the types of things that just keep perpetuating the problem."

The detective has only dealt with one clown incident in Hillsdale County so far this season. Some women were chased by three male students dressed as clowns. The women didn't press charges, but did ask for a public apology.

Poling felt the need to clarify his comments and says he isn't actually advocating someone actually shooting a clown.

"I didn't say shoot, I said put them down. Everybody is just going crazy with this whole thing," Poling said.

Meanwhile, creepy clown reports keep flooding in across the U.S.  Last week a video of a clown with a knife approaching a hunter in a treestand went wildly viral all over the internet. The validity of that video is unknown, with many skeptics dismissing it as staged.

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying there are many who can't wait for the clown craze to end.

"Hopefully this is a fad that's going to end soon," Martin said.

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Clown Hunting Sign No Laughing Matter for Some in Michigan