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Close Range Wyoming Coyote Kill [VIDEO]

This hunt brings a whole new meaning to the term close range coyote hunting.

The guys from Coyote Craze Videos are in Wyoming chasing some open country ‘yotes. As a coyote approaches, the shooter swaps his rifle for a shotgun and prepares to take the dog down.

Watch the video to learn the true meaning of close range coyote hunting.

That really was a close range coyote kill!

This video shows how effective a shotgun can be on close range coyotes. The forgiving nature of the gun also increases your chances of success when coyotes are up close and personal.

Taking both a rifle and a shotgun to the field, like the hunter in the video, will ensure that you have the right tool for the job, no matter what the range.

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Close Range Wyoming Coyote Kill [VIDEO]