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Close Encounters of the Sperm Whale Kind [VIDEO]

When divers can get this close to a sperm whale, they just might get some magnificent footage like this.

Watching an incredible beast and top level predator be this calm and relaxed with humans is amazing.

What these divers get to see here in this crystal clear water is stunning.


The sperm whale is found in just about any ocean that is not covered by ice, though they are generally more prevalent in areas where they prefer to feed and breed.

These whales are the largest of the toothy whales. A sperm whale can dive up to two thousand five hundred feet deep and stay down for an hour or more on a single dive!

There’s really no way to tell where this awesome footage was taken, but somebody call Captain Ahab because Moby Dick is back in town.

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Close Encounters of the Sperm Whale Kind [VIDEO]