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How Close Can You Get to Two Fallow Bucks in a Field? [VIDEO]

An English hunter discovers how close you can get to two fallow bucks resting in a field before they notice you’re there!

Lee Mulcock from Cricklade in north Wiltshire had been tracking a pricket (male with first-year antler growth) in a barley field on a large hunting estate in England, only to find that it had disappeared as he got closer.

Instead he found two master bucks who got quite the surprise when they realized he was nearby!

In England, large areas of land are managed as hunting estates, allowing game populations to thrive.

Young bucks with uneven racks are culled early, leaving those such as the pair featured in the video to develop.

Mr Mulcock explained, “Most people manage their deer well. However, there are a lot of guys who can’t help themselves when they see a set of antlers. They are also the same guys who complain that they have no ‘big bucks’ on or around their ground. You have to allow them time to develop or you’ll never get any good animals.”

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How Close Can You Get to Two Fallow Bucks in a Field? [VIDEO]