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Clinical Largemouth Bass Extraction Done by Hand [VIDEO]

When you need a largemouth bass pulled out of a pond, don’t call the dentist, call this guy.

This here is the bucket mouth surgeon doing what he does best: pull a big bass out of the water by hand.

This is what it looks like to do it without fishing tackle:

He didn’t need any bait or anything! He just reached in there and grabbed that bass by the lower lip and brought him out to freedom.

Was that largemouth bass sick or just so used to humans that he didn’t mind being grabbed? Maybe they talked it over ahead of time so they could get it on film and become rich and famous.

I’ll stick to my favorite rod and reel combo, set up with some good soft plastics, a few crank baits and take my chances, thank you.

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Clinical Largemouth Bass Extraction Done by Hand [VIDEO]