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Climbing Stand vs. Hang-On Stand, What Works For You?

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Climbers and hang-on stands seem to be the most popular for bowhunters. Trying to figure out which one you should be using? It comes down to these factors.

There are many different variables that play into whether or not you should be using a climber or hang-on stand. What it usually comes down to is how you hunt and the type of area you are hunting.


Summit Treestands

Take a look at the area you are planning on hunting. What types of trees or timber will you be wanting your stand in? Obviously for climbing stands, you need your selected tree to be as straight as possible with little to no limbs. In some cases, these trees may be hard pressed to find. If this is your situation, you might want to look into using hang-on stands. Hang-ons can go in virtually any tree. I like hang-ons for this reason. In my mind, they are versatile. You don’t need a specific type of tree to be able to hunt, and for this reason, I value hang-on stands.

On the other hand, your hunting ground may not have very many thick trees with a lot of cover to be able to hide a hang-on in. If the timber on your hunting property consists of mainly straight, limbless trees, a climber could be the way to go for you. You can climb as high as you want, and not have to worry about cutting a bunch of branches to make room for a stand, as you might have to do when putting up a hang-on stand. So think about the hunting ground you have, and how the timber is structured when thinking about what type of stand to invest in.

Style of Hunting

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How you like to hunt plays a large role in what type of stand might work for you. If you hunt out of the same tree every year, or even the same general area every year, it might make more sense to invest in a few hang-on stands. This way you can get them set up exactly how you want in a tree with good cover, and every year all you need to do is check treestand straps, and make sure your shooting lanes are all good to go.

You might also fall into the category of hunter that likes to constantly move. By this I mean that you are always running and gunning, hunting fresh sign, or hardly sit in the same tree more than once in a season. I know a lot of people that hunt this way, and if this is you, or what you are thinking about starting to do, a climber could make sense in this situation. The nice thing about a climber with this style of hunting is the ability to carry it on your back with no sticks, and have the ability to be mobile. Your not confined to any one tree.

There are some hunters that do have a good system, having one hang-on stand, and a set of sticks or tree steps that they carry in with them every hunt and set up, and then take it down every hunt. In order to hunt this way, you will have to be very comfortable with your hang-on stand, because it involves hanging it, and taking it down every hunt. If your not the best at setting these up, a climber might be a better route to go.

This summer think about how your going to hunt come fall, and how your hunting area lays out. Get boots on the ground, and do some scouting in areas you will want to sit. What kind of trees do you have on your property? Answer all these questions, and you should figure out what kind of stand will be the most successful tool for your hunting purposes.

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Climbing Stand vs. Hang-On Stand, What Works For You?