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This Guy Fell 70 Feet Down a Crevasse, and Recorded His Harrowing Escape [VIDEO]

A climber survives a steep fall down a crevasse and climbs his way back to the surface in these incredible videos.

You’re about to see some real-life, 127 Hours-esque footage, minus the arm mutilation. While climbing alone in Nepal, Kentucky scientist John All fell nearly 70 feet into an glacer crevasse. With a broken rib and right arm, All managed to climb out of the icy trap using his ice axe and sheer will.

He documented the climb on his video camera, and published the clips to YouTube in a three-part series. The videos are incredible. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to fall through a glacier and survive, this footage will give you more than a good taste.

The video below is part one, in which All is just starting to get his senses back after the fall. Warning: these videos contain some strong language (I’d probably be cussing like a sailor if this happened to me).

All made it roughly half way up the crevasse before he started filming again. Here’s what he told CNN about this part of the climb:

I knew that if I fell at any time in that entire four or five hours, I, of course, was going to fall all the way to the bottom of the crevasse. Any mistake, or any sort of rest or anything, I was going to die.”

Remember, All was climbing up the crevasse with a broken rib and right arm and probably two lungs full of blood.

In part three, All is just a few feet away from the surface.

There’s no video of him reaching the surface, but rest easy, he made it out alive. It took him six hours to climb his way out. When he reached the surface, All sent a satellite text message for rescue and then climbed into his sleeping bag to wait for help. 18 hours later, a chopper arrived and took him to a hospital in Kathmandu.

All was conducting climate research by himself on the glacier when he fell through the ice. In retrospect, All thinks being alone might have actually saved his life.

“If somebody else had been with me, we both would have died,” he said.” There’s no question. Because I would have fallen in the crevasse, they would have fallen on top of me, and we would have killed each other.”

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you in the wild? 

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This Guy Fell 70 Feet Down a Crevasse, and Recorded His Harrowing Escape [VIDEO]