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Clear a Food Plot Now, Kill a Big Buck This Fall

It’s quicker and easier than you might think to clear a food plot in the middle of a mature forest.

All experienced hunters know that food plays a huge role in most successful deer hunts. A well-positioned food plot can draw in an early or late season buck and concentrate does during the rut. But what if your hunting property lacks forest openings? Simple: clear a food plot and see more whitetail hunting success.

Watch the video to see how to turn an acre of forest into a one acre food plot in just 12 hours.

If you don’t have the necessary equipment to clear a food plot on your own, you can hire an excavator to do it for you, which should cost around $100-$200/hour. If that sounds like a lot of money, remember that you’ll only have to clear a food plot once, but it will improve your hunting indefinitely as long as it is properly maintained.

Before you fire up your bulldozer and start leveling trees, make sure your new food plot location is in an area that deer will use (i.e. away from major roads and other human activity) and that you can get into and out of the location without deer seeing, hearing, or smelling you.

If your new food plot was once covered with mature trees like the one in the video, you can use them to create “fences” around the plot and leave openings where you want deer to enter and exit. This will greatly increase your shot opportunities, particularly if you are hunting with a bow.

After you clear a food plot, all that’s left to do is plant, hang a stand, and kill a giant buck. Who doesn’t like the sounds of that?


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Clear a Food Plot Now, Kill a Big Buck This Fall