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Cleaning up a Dead Beached Whale is Not a Clean, Easy Task

A beached whales is a sad thing, but the cleanup is nothing short of disastrous. 

This beached whale was threading to explode, but the city quickly got a backhoe out there to tear it up before it blew sky-high.

Watch as a city worker rips a dead beached whale to pieces and puts it in a hole in the ground.

This beached whale was addressed before it exploded due to methane gas build up, but as you saw they had to tear it to pieces manually instead.

Luckily the city was able to get on the horn and get an earth-mover out there before it exploded due to extended exposure to the sun.

Did you see how much difficulty that worker was having getting the beached whale into the hole that had prepared for it? It was like watching a a man try to get a hold of a banana peel that was very heavy and covered in oil. At any rate, the beached whale was dealt with properly and no one had to get covered in whale guts during the process.


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Cleaning up a Dead Beached Whale is Not a Clean, Easy Task