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Clean Your Gun with the DragonTail Cleaning System [VIDEO]

Firearm maintenance is an often overlooked aspect of gun ownership, but DragonTail makes it easy with its new bore scrubber.

I had recently bought an M69 training rifle as a game hunting gun that you will see more of in coming hunts. It is easy to buy and shoot these guns.

Cleaning, however, is not the fun part. But it is important for your firearm to last and to shoot well. For my new rifle, I decided to try a new cleaning product called DragonTail.

Lets see how well it works.

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The DragonTail works in pistol, shotgun and rifle barrels. It is available in .22 caliber, .30 caliber, 9mm, .45 caliber, 12 gauge and 20 gauge. The DragonTail will work in calibers that are slightly smaller or larger than the available sizes (i.e., using the .22 caliber scrubber in .17 caliber rimfires or your .243 hunting rifle.)

It wraps up and stores far better than rods and patches. It removes leading and fowling quickly, while fumbling with patches takes more time.

This is a must-have for the serious shooter and makes a great holiday gift. After all, there is no gun better than one that lasts a lifetime.

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Clean Your Gun with the DragonTail Cleaning System [VIDEO]