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How to Clean Your Grill [VIDEO]

Summer is in full swing, and any time is a good time to put some beer in the cooler and toss a few steaks on the grill.

Don’t let a dirty grill put a downer on your next backyard BBQ.

Grab a drink and enjoy this informative video on how to clean your grill.

A clean grill really makes all the difference between a delicious meal and a BBQ fail. Whether you’re a novice or a grill master, the best ingredients in the world will taste bad if cooked on a dirty grill.

Don’t forget to buy the right tools for your type of BBQ pit. The wrong type of BBQ brush might scratch or damage your grill.

Another great piece of advice is to keep non-scratch scouring pads handy. They won’t damage your BBQ pit, and are great for spot cleaning.

Make sure to give your grill a thorough cleaning after each use, so it will be ready to go for your next outdoor meal.

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How to Clean Your Grill [VIDEO]