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How To Clean a Catfish the REALLY Easy Way [VIDEO]

Let it be known, there is more than one way to clean a catfish.

We shared a method of catfish cleaning a little bit ago, more to show its uniqueness than to try and exclaim it as the best way of getting meat from one of our favorite fish to catch.

CHECK IT OUT HERE: How To Clean a Catfish the Easy Way [VIDEO]

There are lots of "easy" ways, and probably more hard ways, but learning how to clean a catfish comes from one thing and one thing only: practice.

Watching YouTube videos, like this one from Mordecai Mike, is a good place to start, but there's no substitution for the real thing.

Check out this video, then put the knowledge to good use. In other words, go catch some fish!

Warning: Heads up, there's some bloody and graphic footage in this video.

There are some pretty useful tips in that one, especially the idea of pulling the fish away as you make the second cut to get the skin off. That way, you're not ripping through the skin or lifting the knife too high and wasting meat.

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I'm hungry just watching this... Is that strange?

Featured image via YouTube/Mordecai Mike

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How To Clean a Catfish the REALLY Easy Way [VIDEO]