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How to Clean Your Bolt-Action Rifle [PICS]

One of the great advantages of a bolt-action rifle is the simplicity of cleaning it.

Bolt-action rifles are typically manually operated repeaters, but some are single shot. The cleaning procedure is similar, straight-forward, and easy.

You will need cleaning products, material to patch the bore and wipe the exterior, a push rod, and a rest to keep the rifle upright and horizontal.

bolt-action rifle

The saying “work smart, not hard” applies here.

Cleaning your bolt-action rifle should not be a dreaded chore. Good, well-thought-out products can make cleaning simple and quick. Avoid toxic chemicals, and choose cleaners made for both wood and plastic. This speeds up the process and alleviates the risk of doing more harm than good. It also makes clean up easy.

Since bolt-action rifles have relatively few components, the break-down is very fast and simple.

Remove the bolt and the magazine, if it has a removable magazine. Use the right bore cleaner for the type of bullets you are using. Most common bullets are copper, so use a copper solvent. If you are shooting lead bullets, be sure to select a lead-dissolving solution.

You can spray or drizzle oil on exterior metal surfaces and wipe it off with a clean cloth or a gun wipe.

Heavy carbon fouling or residue frequently forms on the bolt. You can remove it by soaking the bolt in a carbon-cutting product. Compressed air, whether in a can or from a compressor, will get the solution out of the nooks and crannies of the bolt and dry it.

When it comes time to clean your bolt-action rifle, a little preparation will go a long way.

Check out the slide-show for more information.

Joe Riekers

Joe Riekers

Once the bolt is removed, it can be soaked in carbon cleaner and then thoroughly dried. Light lubrication is all that is needed prior to re-assembly.

Joe Riekers

A variety of non-toxic firearm cleaning products are available that will speed up and simplify the process.

Joe Riekers

Compressed air, whether from a can or a bottle is a big time saver. Dry off the bolt after cleaning, blow dirt out of crevices and get the loose debris out of the bore effortlessly with compressed air.

Caldwell Shooting Products

A gun-maintenance kit with appropriate bits is essential for tightening up screws when necessary. Use the proper size to prevent marring or stripping the screws.

Slip 2000 Products

Slip 2000

Slip 2000 is one company that makes a variety of effective, non-toxic cleaning products that speed up the task.

Upland Almanac

After cleaning and re-assembly a good gun-wipe helps get an even coating of oil on the exterior and keep fingerprints off the freshly clean bolt-action rifle.

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How to Clean Your Bolt-Action Rifle [PICS]