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Claymore Mines Are a Real Blast

Claymore Mine

Claymore Mines can guard a perimeter like no other weapon can.

These shotgun effect mines spray steel balls at an approaching enemy.

YouTuber Daily Military Defense & Archive shared a video of what a real Claymore Mine explosion is really like. Never mind Hollywood; this video is the real deal.

U.S. soldiers get a chance to train with the M18A1 Claymore Mine, and we get to see everything captured in this video.

A pen is actually used to aim this directional mine that spews steel balls at an approaching enemy like a giant shotgun. Designed between 1952 and 1956, the Claymore Mine has been used since the Vietnam War.

Bonus footage on this video also shows training with the M67 Hand Grenade and the AT4 Rocket Launcher. Carry on, brave soldiers, and continue keeping America safe.

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Claymore Mines Are a Real Blast