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WATCH: Clay 'Rambo Squatch' Hair Spears A Wild Hog

spears a wild hog
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Watch Clay 'Rambo Squatch' Hair do something most of us have never even thought about as he spears a wild hog on video.

It's been quite a few years since spears were the predominate tool of choice for hunters. As technology has continued to advance, many people have moved forward to the newest and best thing and never looked back to where it all started.

Clay 'Rambo Squatch' Hair is not one of those people. Clay and his wife Kris Hair, who host "CrossHairs" have a way of getting back to the roots of hunting, and it doesn't get much further back than this clip where Clay spears a wild hog on video.

We've already seen a few people who are commenting against hunting with a spear, but when you can throw the spear as well and as accurately as Clay does in this particular video, there is absolutely no reason that this type of hunting shouldn't happen.

Good for Clay for having the initiative to get a spear and then put in enough time and effort to get capable and confident enough to go on a live hunt with it. Keep up the good work and the good example of what responsible hunting looks like, no matter what the implement is.

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WATCH: Clay 'Rambo Squatch' Hair Spears A Wild Hog