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Hitting Clay Pigeons with…a Golf Ball? [VIDEO]

Do you think you could take out a clay pigeon with a golf ball?

Back in 2010, a group of pro golfers on the European Tour gathered in the desert near Dubai to give the impossible shot a try.

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The golfers included Thongchai Jaidee, David Horsey, Johan Edfors and Simon “Chaka” Kahn, who at the time were some of the greatest golfers in the world. All of these guys can drive a ball with incredible precision down the fairway, but can they smash clays like a 12-guage can?

In case you were wondering, the golfer who made the impossible shot was Simon Kahn. Very impressive shooting, Mr. Kahn.

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If you and you’re friends are bored and have some clays and golf clubs lying around, you now know what to do.

Have you ever made a seemingly impossible shot? Let us know in the comments section. 

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Hitting Clay Pigeons with…a Golf Ball? [VIDEO]