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The Classic Nintendo Duck Hunt Game Gets a 3D Makeover

Joseph Delgado/YouTube

If this virtual reality version of Duck Hunt existed back in the 80s when I was playing the original version, I'd never have left the house.

Using assets from the original game, Joseph Delgado built a three dimensional, Duck Hunt inspired world then paired it with virtual reality and motion tracking hardware. The results are a perfect combination of throw-back gaming and cutting edge computing...and it's incredible. Watch some of the actual gameplay below.

Amazing, right?

Joseph reports it only took him 24 hours to build this game details out how he did it on his blog. As he tested various iterations along the way, some of the graphics lagged, causing dizziness and nausea. It's incredible that the experience could be so convincing that a person's brain gets confused.

There's no word on if/when the code will be released for home gamers to make their own build, but you can believe that if it only took him a day to create this 3D Duck Hunt, it won't be long until it's widely accessible. Just in case you were wondering, the fabled "Game C" trap shooting is incorporated into this port too.

Now Joseph, how about you get to work on a Black Bass reboot?


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The Classic Nintendo Duck Hunt Game Gets a 3D Makeover