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Classic Gun Dog Training and Hunting in Britain Are Sights to See

Join classic gun dog training and hunting guides in the United Kingdom and trace back our North American hunting roots.

Classic gun dog training and hunting of upland birds remain strong in Britain. This story follows gamekeepers, hunters and fine shotgun makers as they discuss and demonstrate their love of the sport.

It is heartening to see hunting methods, dogs and the traditional training of gamekeepers preserved in modern Britain. While much of the UK has been industrialized, hunting and fishing clubs have played an important role in conservation over the last 100 years.

Even in this modern age there are still a handful of fine gun makers that provide the best handcrafted shotguns and rifles to hunt birds on the moor and stags in the Scottish Highlands. This careful maintenance of tradition draws a direct line down to generations of sportsmen.

These traditions of upland bird hunting were passed from Britain to the United States and Canada through settlers before the American War of Independence. This developed the roots of our field and waterfowl hunting traditions.

We however are blessed with huge tracts of public land, an advantage that many in the old country could only dream of. Lucky us, but we must never be complacent and ensure we are at the forefront on maintaining access to our wild-places for hunting, fishing and recreation.

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Classic Gun Dog Training and Hunting in Britain Are Sights to See